Vamcara Tantra


vamcara tantra is an embrace of, and polarity between the masculine and feminine qualities of the human being …. it is the recognition that each and every human, whether female or male, both hold feminine and masculine identities .. these can be encouraged to be opened and honoured and to discover new realms of expansion through this self-discovery …

the vamcara tantra woman can explore her masculine dimension, recognising that she is capable of dynamic leadership in lovemaking and be empowered to take the initiative, creating new ways of guiding, teaching, and giving herself and her partner pleasure ……

the vamcara tantra man can be encouraged to explore his soft, receptive, vulnerable, feminine aspects and be enabled to slip out from beneath the weight of his male responsibilities and be empowered to make love without a specific goal

the man does not give up his masculinity nor does the woman abandon her femininity … they both simply expand upon their potential to include the other polarity

the law of karma states that for every action, there is a reaction… that skilled action invokes reaction for the good of all whereas unskilled and mindless action invokes reaction that has negative effect on the self and others .. for every event that is actioned, a follow-up event will occur .. thus great thought and skill must go into every action for experiences to continue to be pleasant

enlightenment here is defined as a process, a progression toward awareness and responsibility of each and every individual .. it is all about enlightening the self; continuously, especially with the huge potential of actions, thoughts and emotions that come into the cosmic melting mixing pot of the human being ……….. enlightenment is self-awareness

being fully ethical is about opening the mind to the realisation that there is no preference or distinction between the self and ‘other’ .. all persons are equal emptiness

the law of karma teaches that one should be skilful and thoughtful in mind and action – for reactions are the result of actions .. good derives from good and grows in strength when continuous … bad is a derivative of bad and grows in strength in continuous action – our birthright is potentially good and to nourish this is the positive way forward

if we recreate our world daily we can find an easier route through life, a middle level or pathway that allows access to all areas whether it be material, spiritual, or neither … having a mind of all levels creates greater choice and therefore freedom of choice

we perceive the urge to quell pain and nourish joy as being skilful and ethical, it is the right thing to do for deep within, the spirit soars in joy and happiness – it is only repressed in pain and sadness

if there are no persons at all then there are no distinctions between self and others and there are no distinctions between perceptions of direct sensual awareness whether that is of pain or joy


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