Tantra Unfolding


tantra is an unfolding of information and must be allowed to develop over time – patience is necessary as the path has to evolve through experience and practice of all elements involved – it is a web, a matrix that requires tenacity for enlightment to behold

tantra offers the modern day western student the ability to expand their consciousness – it promotes development of a persons integration of spirituality and sexuality and with this knowledge, healing can begin … any blocks in respect of feelings and sensuality can be opened and sparks of new beginnings can be brought to relationships of all kind – trauma from past sexual experiences can be overcome and move forward into new realms

tantric gurus know ultimately that the mind must be established in cosmic consciousness (control over the 6 enemies and 8 fetters) before a practitioner can begin to experiment … an open and disciplined mind retains such energy and power and control over the same that most anything can be practised whilst continuously looking toward atman


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