Life as a Yea-Sayer

tantra looks at life as a Yea-Sayer, saying ‘yes’ to everything – tantra is a non-attitude because it looks at life with a total vision … ‘no’ is a word not to be used for this creates conflict and blockage and is a closed and pessimistic entity … tantra is a positive force focusing on the embracement of all of life … it is not a religion or a philosophy as it has no concepts nor theology … it sees life as it is .. tantra loves and loves unconditionally

tantra looks at life without bringing any mind in between for mind will create distortion and will tamper with the truth .. mind diverts and distracts and then projects a misrepresentation of actuality.. tantra encounters life face to face in the form of a no-attitude manner

universal consciousness is a conclusion of wilful and purposeful awareness .. an awakening and alerting of open-minded civilisation .. it is enlightenment

all religions, movements and cults of the world follow a pattern of misinformation by creating a split personality, a type of schizophrenia in each individual over good and bad .. they proclaim to achieve good and accept god and to banish the devil and revoke evil … this programming creates a split within the self and a ceaseless battle begins… feelings of guilt ensue for how can one destroy a part of them that is organically grown within them?  religious movements and cults do not advocate the acceptance of all

tantra is a wholesome yet diverse acceptance of the forces of life .. it is non-discriminative and non-judgmental, it is empowering yet not overbearing, it moves through space and time with the greatest of ease and is boundless and infinite .. it is wisdom of patience and tenacity and provides self-perpetuating knowledge of infinite possibilities .. it is accommodating to all and allows all a freedom of peace and of choice

tantra is totally positive .. the following of this pathway through perseverance of discipline produces results that enable one to the awakening of a new state of spirit that empowers full fruition to the joys of life

tantra helps with guidance and encouragement and offers adventure, achievement and abundance .. it encompasses the spectrum of light and life and gives forth all bounty of this

tantra opens the self to the realms of selflessness, it lightens the pathway where there is darkness to the ignorance of love and shows that love is unconditional and that when love is given unconditionally, life blossoms

feelings arise that the pathway of love is light itself and it is free and knows no bounds .. there are no restrictions and no rules but there is definitely a positive dynamism, a magnetic force that can grow in strength and might

tantra is a beneficial transference of universal love and as soon as you allow yourself to accept and absorb this totally unique and harmonious power you then become a generator of the very same ‘power love’ and you freely pass this on to all … this will then provide great benefit too and thus the web of tantra is spun wider and wider and grows stronger and stronger

the divides of egotism and enemies of the fetters are surpassed through tantra

the offerings of tantra are readily available and one need look no further than within themself and herein can make realisations of where good change can commence and where all sensations can be experienced and can then be recounted and projected to the outer … harmony between persons can then evolve, making an interconnection of individuals and the unity will then travel further, generating harmonious concord with all along the way

provisions of tantra allow for a continuous sense of renewal and acceptance and allowance … to not struggle against the tides of life but to embrace life’s will and power and cause and effect and simply float along with it, enjoying it, feeling safe within its realms

recognising tantra will help bring new life to the spirit and soul, leaving behind old hurts and traumas, having accepted them for their teachings and realising their meaning in life as a whole … all lessons are a part of the route through this life … with guidance of tantra one can move forward with renewed love in the heart and shall grow stronger and have ability to offer more to others ………

it is renewed enlightenment


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