Analysis of Tantra

much of the analysis of tantra has originated from the ‘western’ point of view and this can be seen as being slightly tainted, with a very sex-negative perspective due to judeo-christian mind thought processes and principles

the tantra vision is all-encompassing, there are no exclusions and nothing is disallowed … everything that an individual experiences is all within the process of growing and learning .. the tantra vision is one that makes provision of opportunity to understand internal and external motivations… it seeks to enlighten the body, mind, spirit and soul to the realisations, contemplations and expansions available and how all can be integrated, observed and practised to bring about knowledge, wisdom and ‘savoir vivre’

acceptance of the tantra vision can provide a whole new view of life … areas which may have been dismissed or rejected before can now be embraced and tested … exploration of all is possible when following the path of tantra .. it is an absolute natural and ecstatic transition thought this space and time

tantra does not judge sexual preference, rather it accepts that you simply create a more heightened awareness of what you are doing … tantra’s view is that there is no division between what is meant by ‘good’ and ‘bad’, for if one has a greater awareness of one’s capabilities and focus and energies then one will channel these where best placed for them, exploration is what keeps the heart and spirit young

the tantric path encompasses all … it embraces all forms of creative expression, it welcomes divine life force and that springs from that ~ dance / movement / massage / martial arts / fine arts / healing / music / sex / fun / adventure / exploration / experience / saying ‘yes’  … the tantric path is one that celebrates and promotes the act of living

tantra perceives that experience is linked to learning, whether good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, positive or negative, emotional or physical, all that one experiences creates an understanding of the self, a learning ….. from this platform one can realise, accept and then adjust accordingly

taking on the tantra perception one can expect ‘experience and learning’ to provide the reaching of a level of self-discipline that will in turn serve a sufficient and efficient life force for unspoiled enjoyment for the duration of that individual life

the tantra vision (from my perception) encompasses acceptance of a natural, unspoiled, childlike spirit which shines through, there is no fear, only honesty … the young spirit does not know how to lie, it only knows how to live … when there is honesty there is absolute trust and this in turn depletes such negative forces as hate, greed, jealousy, envy and all those attachments that create only pain and sorrow … the tantra vision proffers to the human being that its mind can be forever young, bold and curious, continually intrigued by the great sphere of the world … the childlike spirit is an adventurous, courageous, inquisitive and inquiring force … the unspoiled spirit not yet programmed to ‘dogma’ but instead is a happy spirit that laughs openly and is innocent in its freedom … the natural spirit is at liberty to soar high and to touch and taste all that life has to offer


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