Tantric Involvement

involvement in tantra should show an appreciation of the universe and its continuous flux – as a student of tantra realisation and acceptance of all energies of all strata is vital …. tantra continuously threads life together, perpetual recognition is the way forward to tantric enlightenment

being seen as a mystical subject, tantra creates a paradoxical viewpoint leading to a near impossible definement of itself … the multifaceted nature of tantra creates an abundance of definitions and descriptions but it’s spirituality soars high and continues its growth

accepting that tantra is a mystical science enables the true qualities to behold, a tool kit, a knowledge to live and work with through an entire lifetime … sensing and feeling its power can enable one to call upon the many levels of energy to link with one’s own energy channels as and when required in all given situations … one can grow safely within the realms of life/nature/tantra

by embracing nature one can become more ‘real’ and complete, by letting go of all fear and suppressions…. the inherent sensual spirituality that will guide through life’s journey of discovery … upward motivation of the spirit will endeavour to enable enjoyment of the evolutionary experience

buddha said of tantra ‘the truth of the universe can only be realised within the framework of the physical body’ – in short – ‘look inside your flesh and bones to find all answers, thus, you will find peace too’ …

tantra is essentially an art of realisation of the self … even though it is associated with sex (by default sex is pro-creation) tantra is an inward journey of discovery which then projects itself back into the universe … it is peace and it is love

the very essence of tantra assumes a full and total awareness of life/breath, a consciousness of universal force, the totality of ALL

tantra says in simplicity ‘let go of all belief systems for in the experience itself you will discover your oneness with the universe’ ………….


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