Yoga is …………..

The Biostrata of Life Growing / Ageing Sustaining

The Biostrata of Life
Growing / Ageing

Yoga is a Scientific Art. It is an Order of the Biostrata to which every boy, girl, man and woman can adhere to in their lifetime journey to develop, preserve and sustain the ability to become healthy and whole and indeed to reach their full potential as a human being. Discipline and direction are required to bring oneself from infancy to healthy normal maturity. During all stages of growth, maintenance of one’s general health and well-being requires self-control, self-awareness, patience and perseverance. An understanding of the self will lead to the improvement of mind/body unification and ultimately mental and physical well-being. The science of Yoga encompasses all aspects of how to gain a customary state of health. It is profound; there are foundations to be laid, sacrifices to understand and benefits to enjoy. Yoga is the way of a happy harmonious life.

The fundamental birthplace of Yoga teaches the path of a natural mode of living. On this modern planet in which we inhabit, this can prove challenging. Can we return to ‘Nature’? Have we time to turn our view away from the definitive dazzle and glittering consumerist rush of modern civilisation? Fashion and Social ambition demeans and befools us. In short, it controls us. The repercussions thereafter, obliterate us. Within the birth right cradle of Yoga, one can receive nourishment, warmth and protection. In your Yoga practice you gain first-hand knowledge of who you are first-hand experience of who you can be and first hand acceptance of who you hold out your hand to. If nature were a religion, earth would be your temple. We live in a cyclic sphere and we all return to whence it began.

The ordinary way, true earth, natural magnetism, is still with us. The most vigorous races of the world still inhabit this wondrous earth, as they have done for centuries and they live by little other than what nature gives. This last remaining vital force is bestowed on us all.

Therefore ….. !!!!! Attention now, to the self, is inherent. It is how nature, and all living beings, will survive. Observation and awareness to ‘natural magnetism’ and ‘vitality’ will teach all that a Yoga born and bred personality in harmony with nature and the answers therein, will show earth’s way. The Earth is like a battery, charged with magnetism and ready and willing to give forth its strength to all beings. Apply the ‘test of nature’ to all theory and know that it has valuable ‘order’ and is a trusted friend.

Seeking to maintain a healthy, normal, natural body? Assume the title of ‘Yogi’, reverse the trend of ignorance, and endeavour to lead the Yogi plan of physical life.

If one can be loyal to the continuous practice of Yoga in order to gain insight and experience Nature’s plans and methods then all systems and techniques within Yoga will indicate and guide freely as to how one can obtain normal functions of the body. With this adherence followed, a natural state of health and well-being can be achieved. Yoga’s key note is ‘Health’ and its main purpose is to help all conform to a standard of healthy living with one’s own individual vitality, intention, devotion and discipline. That which keeps a human healthy makes an unhealthy human healthy. Yoga (and all branches thereof) exploits a sane, natural, normal and vigorous manner of living, and if followed, will benefit all. Yoga stays close to nature and advocates a return to natural methods of life in preference of those which mislead us into obliteration.

Yoga will demand your attention, observation and concentration and will teach you how to take command over your rebellious self. Yoga will call to action your responsiveness, your ‘will’, and ‘resolve’ and will show you how to do everything you can to achieve a natural state of health and well-being. Yoga will re-ignite your belief in the Intelligence behind all Life. Commitment to the great Life Principle will directly allow us to survive in a state of wellness within our bodies.

Put into practice your yearning for something new and meaningful and you will get a good fair start on the road to the knowledge you seek. ……………………….Forever Yoga.


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