Welcome to Dogstar Yoga

Hello and Welcome to the timeless realm of Dogstar Yoga

This site will give you insightful and helpful documentation for your journey into and along the path of Yoga. It will also supply details of classes available, courses running locally and links to everything that will help ease your transition into a more positive and healthy soul.

Dogstar Yoga derives from many hours, days, months and years of studying, practising and teaching a fusion of Iyengar, Hatha, Bikram and Shivananda Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is the ‘philosophy of physical well-being’. Hatha Yoga is the branch of Yoga which deals with the physical body (its care, well-being, strength and health). It teaches a natural mode of living. It promotes good health together with a heightened sense of inner peace and relaxation. Results are immediate, lasting and powerful.

In short, the tree of Yoga is unrivalled.

The Yoga Tree Swan Pose

Hatha Yoga is a form of exercise that involves three components:

  • The 1st component is:          ‘Asanas’ – these are a series of postures that stretch, tone and nourish flesh, muscles and bones. They promote flexibility and suppleness of joints, help soothe and balance the nervous system and improve circulation, concentration and sleep.
  • The 2nd component is:        ‘Pranayama’ – this is the ‘art’ of breathing. This series of breathing exercises helps induce a feeling of relaxed calm whilst decreasing levels of stress and tension felt within the mind and body. Understanding about breath is an immediate all round general health promoter.
  • The 3rd component is:         ‘Dhyana’ – this is relaxation/meditation that encourages positive thinking, sharpens concentration and increases clarity of vision. It enables the mind to open fully and to embrace all possibilities whilst encouraging the ability to reach for full human life potential.

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