discussions of karma have been lengthy because without a thorough and profound knowledge and understanding of this ‘taproot’ of tantra, further progression could prove unsuccessful … it is an absolute necessity to have a total understanding of karma

it is our deep rooted primordial energy, found internally in every individual and connecting/linking us to our cosmos that is otherwise identified as Orgone, Orgone is an activation, amplified and channelled of core energies, its concentration can be focused at the core and then opened and dispersed with clarity and cognition and with order and effect can be released and realised efficiently to then cure-all … it is bioenergetics

taoism (the philosophical system advocating a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of noninterference with the course of natural events, in order to attain a happy existence in harmony with the Tao) recognises that catharsis (the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music) and its purgative force has little long-term benefit for most people .. it can actually be harmful for purging forcefully, repressions into the atmosphere must surely have karmic effect too

reichian based techniques are similar to tantra due to their recognitions of the central role played by the activating and amplifying of core energies

reichian based techniques differ from tantra due to their order of release … much tantra is a stimulated rising of energies from the base pro-creative sexual chakra up through the body chakras and out through the head whereas reichian generally begins work with the head and pelvic, sexual work is processed later

many tantra teachers aggressively stimulate kundalini sexual energies from red muladhara base centre, spiralling up to the purple sahasraha crown chakra trying to make this upward rising happen safely

reichian traditions start with cognition … an awareness, a knowing, perception, notion and intuition and then work with this in subtle waves of energy channelling, making good founded preparation for higher growth

such an order of this type of release allows for ample preparation in the opening of the body’s channels so that kundalini can rise safely and release all psychic and somatic blockages with great efficiency


Vamcara Tantra


vamcara tantra is an embrace of, and polarity between the masculine and feminine qualities of the human being …. it is the recognition that each and every human, whether female or male, both hold feminine and masculine identities .. these can be encouraged to be opened and honoured and to discover new realms of expansion through this self-discovery …

the vamcara tantra woman can explore her masculine dimension, recognising that she is capable of dynamic leadership in lovemaking and be empowered to take the initiative, creating new ways of guiding, teaching, and giving herself and her partner pleasure ……

the vamcara tantra man can be encouraged to explore his soft, receptive, vulnerable, feminine aspects and be enabled to slip out from beneath the weight of his male responsibilities and be empowered to make love without a specific goal

the man does not give up his masculinity nor does the woman abandon her femininity … they both simply expand upon their potential to include the other polarity

the law of karma states that for every action, there is a reaction… that skilled action invokes reaction for the good of all whereas unskilled and mindless action invokes reaction that has negative effect on the self and others .. for every event that is actioned, a follow-up event will occur .. thus great thought and skill must go into every action for experiences to continue to be pleasant

enlightenment here is defined as a process, a progression toward awareness and responsibility of each and every individual .. it is all about enlightening the self; continuously, especially with the huge potential of actions, thoughts and emotions that come into the cosmic melting mixing pot of the human being ……….. enlightenment is self-awareness

being fully ethical is about opening the mind to the realisation that there is no preference or distinction between the self and ‘other’ .. all persons are equal emptiness

the law of karma teaches that one should be skilful and thoughtful in mind and action – for reactions are the result of actions .. good derives from good and grows in strength when continuous … bad is a derivative of bad and grows in strength in continuous action – our birthright is potentially good and to nourish this is the positive way forward

if we recreate our world daily we can find an easier route through life, a middle level or pathway that allows access to all areas whether it be material, spiritual, or neither … having a mind of all levels creates greater choice and therefore freedom of choice

we perceive the urge to quell pain and nourish joy as being skilful and ethical, it is the right thing to do for deep within, the spirit soars in joy and happiness – it is only repressed in pain and sadness

if there are no persons at all then there are no distinctions between self and others and there are no distinctions between perceptions of direct sensual awareness whether that is of pain or joy

Analysis of Tantra

much of the analysis of tantra has originated from the ‘western’ point of view and this can be seen as being slightly tainted, with a very sex-negative perspective due to judeo-christian mind thought processes and principles

the tantra vision is all-encompassing, there are no exclusions and nothing is disallowed … everything that an individual experiences is all within the process of growing and learning .. the tantra vision is one that makes provision of opportunity to understand internal and external motivations… it seeks to enlighten the body, mind, spirit and soul to the realisations, contemplations and expansions available and how all can be integrated, observed and practised to bring about knowledge, wisdom and ‘savoir vivre’

acceptance of the tantra vision can provide a whole new view of life … areas which may have been dismissed or rejected before can now be embraced and tested … exploration of all is possible when following the path of tantra .. it is an absolute natural and ecstatic transition thought this space and time

tantra does not judge sexual preference, rather it accepts that you simply create a more heightened awareness of what you are doing … tantra’s view is that there is no division between what is meant by ‘good’ and ‘bad’, for if one has a greater awareness of one’s capabilities and focus and energies then one will channel these where best placed for them, exploration is what keeps the heart and spirit young

the tantric path encompasses all … it embraces all forms of creative expression, it welcomes divine life force and that springs from that ~ dance / movement / massage / martial arts / fine arts / healing / music / sex / fun / adventure / exploration / experience / saying ‘yes’  … the tantric path is one that celebrates and promotes the act of living

tantra perceives that experience is linked to learning, whether good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, positive or negative, emotional or physical, all that one experiences creates an understanding of the self, a learning ….. from this platform one can realise, accept and then adjust accordingly

taking on the tantra perception one can expect ‘experience and learning’ to provide the reaching of a level of self-discipline that will in turn serve a sufficient and efficient life force for unspoiled enjoyment for the duration of that individual life

the tantra vision (from my perception) encompasses acceptance of a natural, unspoiled, childlike spirit which shines through, there is no fear, only honesty … the young spirit does not know how to lie, it only knows how to live … when there is honesty there is absolute trust and this in turn depletes such negative forces as hate, greed, jealousy, envy and all those attachments that create only pain and sorrow … the tantra vision proffers to the human being that its mind can be forever young, bold and curious, continually intrigued by the great sphere of the world … the childlike spirit is an adventurous, courageous, inquisitive and inquiring force … the unspoiled spirit not yet programmed to ‘dogma’ but instead is a happy spirit that laughs openly and is innocent in its freedom … the natural spirit is at liberty to soar high and to touch and taste all that life has to offer

Tantrism – Basic Belief

the basic belief of tantrism is that one should experience all in their pursuit of enlightenment .. rather than refrain from pleasures and/or practice harsh self-discipline, one can nourish all senses and enjoy and indulge albeit  with control and balance

tantrikas believe that one can achieve a higher spiritual awareness whilst indulging in sensory experience; a simple awareness and sense of control is all that is required to be able to enjoy ‘all’ … when one can control their chariot (spirit) one can travel everywhere

tantrikas perception is :

if this world is so sacred, so beautiful and so gifted, then all that resides in this world must be entitled

and deserving of recognition and homage

a mantra is a vedic hymn, it is a word, sound, phrase or collection of syllables that is repeated with deliberation to aid clarity and focus and concentration in meditation … mantra assists with the quieting and stilling of the mind .. it directs spiritual energy

the ‘circle worship’ ceremony was (and still is) the basic ceremony for tantric practitioners, its name: chakrapuja / chakra = circle / puja = worship       …………     a guru would oversee proceedings allowing for purposefulness to remain clear throughout the event .. it was a small gathering allowing members of the group to indulge in the ‘five enjoyments’ ……


wine or hashish (soma)



sexual intercourse

the male members, known as heroes (vira) had the purpose of increasing the concentration of the Shakti (potencies) female energies and bringing it into the male body … discipline was required and the male could not have intercourse until the female was highly sexually excited and then ejaculation could not occur until the woman had multiple orgasm

there are three caveats :

~ to be aware of the perspective of the writer of the text that is being studied … does the writer have biases? what is their background? are they writing in a positive frame of mind? are they of a balanced point of view?  should you believe every word of their text? are they believable? do they support their work with facts, examples, evidence? one must consider all areas of another person’s work

~ to be aware of the student’s own cultural biases in trying to analyse the information presented … this could mean that one should look at their own thoughts and observations and reflect on whether they are positive or negative, well-founded or unsupported … one needs to realise that their views will be concurrent with their upbringing, background, descendants and all of this will culminate in their perception and analysis of ‘the study’ … does your race, creed and colour denote how you would embrace the study of religion, history or other?  one must make the effort to view and analyse all information presented with a more impartial perspective, and of course, open mind

~ to be aware of the context of the situation being studied … hold comment whether to criticise or not, to gain first a greater insight, following any information may bring greater understanding to the situation, like parts of a jigsaw, all can not be seen until all is fitted together in place and time …. awareness can be retained that through ‘context’ a greater understanding will evolve, bringing with it clarification and thus, throughout anyone’s altering perception, it is best observed until full sense of the study has been made and can then be spoken of, written about, and communicated with a balanced and universal point of view

Life as a Yea-Sayer

tantra looks at life as a Yea-Sayer, saying ‘yes’ to everything – tantra is a non-attitude because it looks at life with a total vision … ‘no’ is a word not to be used for this creates conflict and blockage and is a closed and pessimistic entity … tantra is a positive force focusing on the embracement of all of life … it is not a religion or a philosophy as it has no concepts nor theology … it sees life as it is .. tantra loves and loves unconditionally

tantra looks at life without bringing any mind in between for mind will create distortion and will tamper with the truth .. mind diverts and distracts and then projects a misrepresentation of actuality.. tantra encounters life face to face in the form of a no-attitude manner

universal consciousness is a conclusion of wilful and purposeful awareness .. an awakening and alerting of open-minded civilisation .. it is enlightenment

all religions, movements and cults of the world follow a pattern of misinformation by creating a split personality, a type of schizophrenia in each individual over good and bad .. they proclaim to achieve good and accept god and to banish the devil and revoke evil … this programming creates a split within the self and a ceaseless battle begins… feelings of guilt ensue for how can one destroy a part of them that is organically grown within them?  religious movements and cults do not advocate the acceptance of all

tantra is a wholesome yet diverse acceptance of the forces of life .. it is non-discriminative and non-judgmental, it is empowering yet not overbearing, it moves through space and time with the greatest of ease and is boundless and infinite .. it is wisdom of patience and tenacity and provides self-perpetuating knowledge of infinite possibilities .. it is accommodating to all and allows all a freedom of peace and of choice

tantra is totally positive .. the following of this pathway through perseverance of discipline produces results that enable one to the awakening of a new state of spirit that empowers full fruition to the joys of life

tantra helps with guidance and encouragement and offers adventure, achievement and abundance .. it encompasses the spectrum of light and life and gives forth all bounty of this

tantra opens the self to the realms of selflessness, it lightens the pathway where there is darkness to the ignorance of love and shows that love is unconditional and that when love is given unconditionally, life blossoms

feelings arise that the pathway of love is light itself and it is free and knows no bounds .. there are no restrictions and no rules but there is definitely a positive dynamism, a magnetic force that can grow in strength and might

tantra is a beneficial transference of universal love and as soon as you allow yourself to accept and absorb this totally unique and harmonious power you then become a generator of the very same ‘power love’ and you freely pass this on to all … this will then provide great benefit too and thus the web of tantra is spun wider and wider and grows stronger and stronger

the divides of egotism and enemies of the fetters are surpassed through tantra

the offerings of tantra are readily available and one need look no further than within themself and herein can make realisations of where good change can commence and where all sensations can be experienced and can then be recounted and projected to the outer … harmony between persons can then evolve, making an interconnection of individuals and the unity will then travel further, generating harmonious concord with all along the way

provisions of tantra allow for a continuous sense of renewal and acceptance and allowance … to not struggle against the tides of life but to embrace life’s will and power and cause and effect and simply float along with it, enjoying it, feeling safe within its realms

recognising tantra will help bring new life to the spirit and soul, leaving behind old hurts and traumas, having accepted them for their teachings and realising their meaning in life as a whole … all lessons are a part of the route through this life … with guidance of tantra one can move forward with renewed love in the heart and shall grow stronger and have ability to offer more to others ………

it is renewed enlightenment

Tantra Unfolding


tantra is an unfolding of information and must be allowed to develop over time – patience is necessary as the path has to evolve through experience and practice of all elements involved – it is a web, a matrix that requires tenacity for enlightment to behold

tantra offers the modern day western student the ability to expand their consciousness – it promotes development of a persons integration of spirituality and sexuality and with this knowledge, healing can begin … any blocks in respect of feelings and sensuality can be opened and sparks of new beginnings can be brought to relationships of all kind – trauma from past sexual experiences can be overcome and move forward into new realms

tantric gurus know ultimately that the mind must be established in cosmic consciousness (control over the 6 enemies and 8 fetters) before a practitioner can begin to experiment … an open and disciplined mind retains such energy and power and control over the same that most anything can be practised whilst continuously looking toward atman

Tantric Involvement

involvement in tantra should show an appreciation of the universe and its continuous flux – as a student of tantra realisation and acceptance of all energies of all strata is vital …. tantra continuously threads life together, perpetual recognition is the way forward to tantric enlightenment

being seen as a mystical subject, tantra creates a paradoxical viewpoint leading to a near impossible definement of itself … the multifaceted nature of tantra creates an abundance of definitions and descriptions but it’s spirituality soars high and continues its growth

accepting that tantra is a mystical science enables the true qualities to behold, a tool kit, a knowledge to live and work with through an entire lifetime … sensing and feeling its power can enable one to call upon the many levels of energy to link with one’s own energy channels as and when required in all given situations … one can grow safely within the realms of life/nature/tantra

by embracing nature one can become more ‘real’ and complete, by letting go of all fear and suppressions…. the inherent sensual spirituality that will guide through life’s journey of discovery … upward motivation of the spirit will endeavour to enable enjoyment of the evolutionary experience

buddha said of tantra ‘the truth of the universe can only be realised within the framework of the physical body’ – in short – ‘look inside your flesh and bones to find all answers, thus, you will find peace too’ …

tantra is essentially an art of realisation of the self … even though it is associated with sex (by default sex is pro-creation) tantra is an inward journey of discovery which then projects itself back into the universe … it is peace and it is love

the very essence of tantra assumes a full and total awareness of life/breath, a consciousness of universal force, the totality of ALL

tantra says in simplicity ‘let go of all belief systems for in the experience itself you will discover your oneness with the universe’ ………….